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Hey Lovely, I hope youโ€™re well and if youโ€™re in the UK, that youโ€™re beginning to enjoy the glimpses of the sunshine that weโ€™ve been having recently.

Today I wanted to share with you a new experience that I have been having, as I feel that the information that I am receiving, could prove to be useful to us all.

A few weeks ago I reached out to a lovely friend of mine, Debra, from Lemaire Soul Crafts, as I was experiencing a few blocks in my life that I needed support around (yes we all have them Iโ€™m afraid!).

As part of the support that Debra has been offering me, I have been using some specifically tailored affirmation-clearing statements. I have been listening to these statements at least once a day for the past few weeks, and since I started listening, some incredible shifts have begun to take place in my life. One of these shifts is the ability that I have to connect to Spirit.

I have been able to receive audio messages from Spirit since I was in my early 20s, but now the connection has become even clearer, and in the past few days I have been having a full-on chat with the energy of Jesus. Yes, Jesus! As human beings, we may feel that we are not worthy of these types of connections, but we are. We all are!

Anyway, Iโ€™m not going to go into the whys and the wherefores right now, but I do want to offer you some of the detail of these communications, in the hope that it will assist you in your life in some way.

I have been learning a lot about the mind, and how we can all learn to use our minds in the way that they were intended to be used. Not as the leader, but as a data storage facility. Here is a short edited, snippet from the direct communication that I have been receivingโ€ฆ

G: What can I do to help the people today?

J: Itโ€™s about offering hope. Hope is what the people need. Hope that things will change for them and that things will get better, that they can get better. This is a message of love, first and foremost. These words are my offering of love to all that are willing to listen. All that is ready to listen.

So let's beginโ€ฆThe human being has the mind, but the Soul has the answers. The mind does not have the answers, not the real answers. The mind is a substrate. A foundation. Like the foundations of a building or a home. The mind is just a useful way for the Soul to continue its learning.

G: So if I am working with someone who is struggling in their life, what should I be looking for?

J: You need to find out what programmes have been planted in the mind, which is what you do in your work. You understand their life path so that you can understand their mindset. Their set mind, if you like.

Over time, the human mind begins to become programmed with thoughts that the mind decides are useful for its progression. The mind begins to build a picture and to make choices around the things that it is going to retain, and the things that it is going to reject. It makes these choices on the basis that it decides what is right and wrong. What is good and what is bad. But often it does not stop to take the time to feel.

It consumes the data and it programmes the human being to act and to be as it deems to be important. It logs the data and deems what is a priority. Survival is a priority. So it saves the things that it deems help it to stay alive, as a human.

It makes choices and it runs with those choices until the Soul no longer gets a look in. It overtakes. Overrides. The Soul aspect becomes driven to the back of the mind and the mind takes the driving seat. It behaves in a way that is pure survival. It begins to live from a place of fear.

This is where all of the confusion starts. The human being is being driven by the mind which is living and surviving from a place of fear. It makes fear-driven choices. Everything is built on a need to survive.

G: OK so how should we release the control of the mind and let the Soul and the heart be, if the mind is also a part of the process? Part of our body?

J: Listen to your heart. Override the programming. Move away from the fear and be with the love.

The Soul is connected to the heart. The heart and the Soul are connected. Thatโ€™s why it's all about feeling. The mind is connected to the body which is why the body becomes incapacitated when the mind is in control.

The mind controls the body and the heart is the soul. The feeling of love is peace. To be in the feeling of love is to be connected to the Soul. To be the truth of it all. Listen to your heart and not to your mind.

As I said, this is just a short edited snippet from over 20,000 words that I have received over the past 6 days. There is far too much for me to share in this one Blog Post, but what I would like you to consider, here and now, is the part that your mind plays in your life.

Do you let your mind run the show or do you use your heart, your Soul to guide you? To help you to make decisions in your life?

Itโ€™s an interesting question, right? And something that I have been considering more and more and which is helping me to work with and to listen to my heart, rather than my mind.

I've also been working with Spirit creating affirmation statements for some of my 1:1 clients. To support them in their lives. If this is something that you would find useful, reach out lovely and we can have a chat about how I can create some affirmation statements, especially for you, to create POWERFUL shifts in your life too!

I'm going to be sharing more of this dialogue with Spirit on my social media platforms, so if this has captivated your attention, and you will like to read more, just follow one of these links to stay up to date with my posts:

Thank you, as always for reading my words and for being open to all that pure consciousness has to offer. Iโ€™m sending you BIG LOVE as always, Georgina xxx

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